with Jenny Campbell

Monday 27th November 2017
11:00 - 12:00pm

This webinar is for those who are curious about extending their coaching practice into resilience.

What is resilience coaching? What is the difference between normal and resilience coaching? It can be subtle for clients whose resilience is high;  it can be massive for clients whose resilience is under threat. For all clients,  the implications of resilience are both simple  - and  - deep. For coaches, there is no doubt, the work of resilience coaching is a stretch.

At the heart of resilience coaching is the need to rigorously consider  your client’s capacity for learning. Without the capacity for learning, change will not stick. Understanding and working with your client’s capacity takes a fluency in resilience. The models from the Resilience Engine research have helped many other coaches achieve this understanding, and so they can work safely and successfully with their clients.

Jenny Campbell has a vision of making the Resilience Engine research accessible for everyone. Come into this webinar if you’re curious about joining a growing community of Resilience Engine practitioners.

 Learn more about the Resilience Accreditation Programme.