Beyond Words - Creative Coaching

From The Living Organisation in association with AoEC Switzerland

26 - 27 January 2021


Location: Zurich

Times: 9.00 to 17.00 each day

Price: Fr. 1,510 Incl. VAT


A blend of Gestalt theory, philosophy and practice with systems thinking, psychodrama technique and creative and active methods.


Structure and emergence, presence and relationship


An opportunity to develop your Coach presence and practice in a 2-day workshop.


Why Creative Coaching?

If we want our clients to be vital and engaged at work, coaching has to be vital and engaging. This does not mean throwing chairs around the room or having conversations standing up. It means skilled engagement in the moment making full use of the wide range of clues and cues available to us in the here and now of the session, to jointly craft an “experiment,” that widens and deepens awareness.

To do this we make full use of our own presence and capacity to be with the full range of human experience, including the messy, confusing, awkward bits.


Who is it for?

This workshop will be of interest to Executive Coaches who want to work creatively and experimentally with their clients. Underpinned by Humanistic Psychological models, the 2 days are designed to be highly experiential offering practice in pairs and  small groups with the understanding that personal development is at the heart of professional development.

Creative methodology chosen from Gestalt Theory and Practice, Psychodrama and Systems Thinking is  offered with the intention of enabling the coach to become more self-aware and resourceful, leading to  confidence  to  ‘trust their process’ rather than employ a logical tool, technique or solution to bring about change for the client.

Our Premises

  1. Coaching is relational
  2. Change happens when you fully accept who you re rather than trying to be different
  3. Learning is emergent
  4. Relationships are co-created so how the coach ‘shows’ up impacts the client’s work/experience


Coaches will develop psychological competency through:

   -   enhanced self-awareness and resourcefulness as a coach
     increased confidence at times of uncertainty or stuck - ness
   -   competence in facilitating a client’ deeper understanding
   -   greater flexibility in creatively working in the moment
   -   developing the capacity to let go of all your concerns and fully be with your client OR developing           the capacity to bring all your senses and awareness to bear and give yourself fully to the
       encounter OR allowing the client to see you as you are not as you would like to be seen
   -   skilful use yourself in relationships to powerful effect
   -   ability to work with the currant experience of the client
       confidence in using a range of creative  experimentation

"The Coaching space is where lives are changed

– one conversation at a time" Peter Blucker



Marjorie Shackleton

AoEC Faculty

Marjorie’s career has centred on developing individuals and teams  in the US, Canada and the UK. Trained originally as a systemic family therapist, her in-depth understanding of the complexities of human behaviour in a business setting, gives her the edge when working with the leadership challenges posed by today’s business agendas. Marjorie is particularly interested in the duality of personal as well as business objectives as a means of bringing about sustainable organisational change. She works with senior executives and high performing managers to develop a clear sense of purpose and direction for themselves and their organisations,  understand the system in which they operate, and what blocks sustainable change. Clients include: Unilever, HSBC, Ernst and Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, FirstAssist Insurance, Zurich Insurance, Picture Financial, Arcadia Group, NHS, Friends of the Earth

Marjorie has a Supervision practice having obtained her coach supervision training through the AoEC and Bath Consultancy Group. Her supervision style is underpinned by systemic, Gestalt and psychodynamic thinking. Marjorie  is a non - practising Gestalt Psychotherapist and has undertaken advanced Gestalt training in the UK and the USA including The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and The Gestalt International Study Center in Cape Cod.

Marjorie has had a 20 year relationship with AoEC and has designed and led coach development programmes in the Psychology of Coaching, Gestalt Coaching and Coach Supervision.


Alan Gilchrist

AoEC Faculty

Alan has worked as a coach, facilitator, consultant and educator for nearly 20 years following a successful career as an engineer and business leader in the oil industry, working for 15 years worldwide with BP and Expro International.

His current work is focused on 1-1 coaching, team coaching, collective thinking and coach education and supervision. Organizational clients span all sectors.

Alan has trained thoroughly as a coach, systemic team coach and coach supervisor and is accredited by the ICF. He views his experience and training as a coach as resting on an extensive background of training and involvement over 20 years in the fields of psychodrama psychotherapy, Gestalt and psychoanalytic informed systems thinking.

He conceptualizes his role as being to support both the uniqueness of the individual and the collective endeavor that the individual is engaged in with others.